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These 5 Conversations With Entrepreneurial Insiders Changed My Business

I’m Tara Gentile, founder of CoCommercial, and a big part of what I do is getting successful entrepreneurs to talk about the things they never talk about…

…what it really takes to build & grow a company you love.

I ask them about the nitty-gritty of how they’ve developed their products or services, how they manage their time or team members, and how they set goals or implement big plans. I deep dive beyond the niceties and launch into the particulars.

I share these conversations on my 2 podcasts, Profit. Power. Pursuit. and Help Yourself, each week. But these conversations also have helped to transform my own business.

In this exclusive free download, I share 5 insider conversations that have had a big impact on the way my business operates on a daily basis. 

“Yes! I want the inside scoop on growing a business I love!”

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Serious Entrepreneurs Talk About Serious Challenges 

  • Laura Roeder talks about creating a team that takes ownership over their work–and creates massive results for her company.
  • Justin Shiels shares his weekly habit to grow his network, ensuring he’s meeting the right people to grow his business and keep him inspired.
  • Vanessa Van Edwards opens up about how what she’s doing to make sure she and her team are as happy as possible–based on their job descriptions.
  • Jasmine Star comes clean about how she feels before taking on any project, opportunity, or decision.
  • Nilofer Merchant shares her yearly ritual to not only set big goals but get clear on how they’re going to happen.

Plus, in this FREE ebook, I share how I’ve applied each of these conversations and their takeaways to my business. You’ll save time and hassle putting these takeaways into place!

“Yes! I want the inside scoop on growing a business I love!”

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