Could You Keep Doing Business Like This For The Next 15 Years?

The Juggle is real…

…and it’s the most exhausting thing about being a business owner. The Juggle is all the things you think you have to keep up with: the marketing tactics, the industry trends, the latest product fads, and the constant push and pull of customer demands.

The Juggle can take a great idea and a tenacious business owner and drive them into the ground.

But not you.

You’re ready to focus on what works for you instead of all the shiny objects, competing demands, and market changes. You’re ready to learn more about your own business instead of everyone else’s.

That’s what the What Works Business Immersion is all about.

It’s a live, interactive, inquiry-based, 8-week program that helps you take a fresh look at what’s working for you and how you can amplify it to get the results you want. Plus, it includes 1 year of support in The Leaders Circle at CoCommercial–including our weekly Flash Masterminds and Coworking Chats.

Our next session starts on June 6. Enter your email address below and we’ll let you know as soon as we’re ready to welcome new participants!