The Only Small Business Support Specifically Designed To Help You Find What Works For You


“I want to figure out what works for me and my business.”

That’s what I’ve heard from countless small business owners over the last 11 years.

Despite the proliferation of experts, coaches, consultants, and courses promising to deliver to you the no-fail solution for building your business, we know there’s a special sauce that’s all our own.

We know that our values, personality style, mission, vision, goals, and methods all add up to a unique way of building and growing a business.

No one can figure that out for us—it’s ours to discover and leverage.

Finding what works for you and your business is the ultimate business education.

Because ultimately, finding what works for you and your business will be the key to a fulfilling, profitable, and impactful business.

Unfortunately, finding what works for you takes fact-finding and experimentation. It can be a frustrating process—and it can make you feel like there’s no one to talk to.

The What Works Forum is a year-long small group experience to help you explore what works for your business.

Our goal is to alleviate the isolation and frustration that comes from finding your own way as an entrepreneur.

We’ve created a safe space for you to share your challenges, ask questions, get feedback, and build upon victories with other small business owners on the path toward growth.

You’ll spend the year building on your success in an environment designed to empower you so you feel supported and in control of your own results.

We work as a group to help each individual member overcome challenges, seize opportunities, and make a bigger impact.

You bring your unique questions to the table and we pitch in our experience, expertise, and observations to help you find the unique right answers for your business.


The What Works Forum meets twice per month in 90-minute sessions for 12 months (January-December 2020) on Zoom.

📞 First Session Of The Month

We share wins from the last month. Then, we put 3 group members in the hot seat—learning more about their challenge or opportunity, offering our experiences, and sharing our feedback. Finally, we share what we’re working on this month and ask for support.

📞 Second Session Of The Month

One group member shares something that’s working in their businesses—a workflow, a marketing tactic, a tool, a management strategy, etc… Then, we break out into small groups of 3-5 for hot seats and collaboration. Finally, we debrief as a full group to share what we’re working on and what we’ve learned.

🖥 Private Collaboration Group

The Forum has a private group on The What Works Network so we can support each other in an intimate, safe space. Talk directly with the people who you’re working with and building trust within our monthly sessions any time you need a hand or want to share a win.

🗓 Quarterly All-Hands Planning Sessions

Each quarter in 2020, we’ll meet for a planning session where we’ll name our goals and projects for the quarter. Then, we’ll examine the tasks required to meet those goals and how our goals fit into the rest of our businesses.

Our planning sessions will occur virtually on Zoom on:

  • Wednesday, January 15 from 3pm-5:30pm Eastern
  • Wednesday, March 18 from 3pm-5:30pm Eastern
  • Wednesday, June 17 from 3pm-5:30pm Eastern
  • Wednesday, September 9 from 3pm-5:30pm Eastern

After each session, you’ll have a clear path forward, as well as clarity on what you want to bring to our mastermind sessions.

📝 Monthly Review

Each month, we’ll share a brief review of the projects we’ve moved forward, the goals we’ve accomplished, and the areas we’ve noticed need attention.

Our monthly reviews will help you stay connected to other Forum members, accountable to yourself, and regularly moving forward toward your goals!

👫 In-Person Mastermind Sessions

The Forum also includes 2 optional, in-person mastermind sessions: one in Los Angeles, CA on March 31 and one in Washington, DC on October 7.

These day-long mastermind sessions are an opportunity to deep-dive on your challenges and opportunities on the path to build a better business.


Having Scheduled Time With Experienced Business Owners Has Made The Difference

My revenue has more than doubled this year, after almost 10 years in business. I can trace that increase, not to a fancy marketing tactic or a huge new client but straight back to What Works Masterminds with Tara.

Not only has Tara ever-so-casually name-dropped my service to folks in her network but having scheduled time with experienced business owners, all sharing their hard-earned insights has made the difference between being ready to hire an employee and leasing office space vs working alone, in the corner of my living room.

Rita Barry

Founder & Lead Consultant, Rita Barry & Co

For Anyone Who Already Feels Successful But Knows There’s Plenty Of Room For Growth

Before joining a What Works Mastermind, I was feeling in need of on-going support from high-caliber creative business owners.  I’d outgrown my accountability group and needed to up-level the peers I was surrounding myself. 
Tara’s ability to curate a fantastic group of people and facilitate tough conversations with sensitivity and focus is exceptional. I’d recommend the mastermind to any business owner who already feels successful, but knows there’s plenty more room for growth and is ready to seize that with both hands!
Justine Clay

Creative Business Coach


The What Works Forum is a member-driven learning experience—meaning that the challenges, questions, and opportunities that each member brings to the table will drive what we discuss and learn over the course of the year. The more you bring to the table, the more the experience is customized to you.

You better believe we’ll get into the nitty-gritty of marketing, operations, sales, offer development, productivity, and more—and we’ll do it through the lens of 7 core competencies that are key to building better businesses.

These core competencies help to keep us grounded in looking at our businesses as a whole rather than getting sucked into the vortex of any one tactic or problem.

1️⃣ Critical Thinking

In this group, we take nothing at face value. We welcome busting biases and questioning best practices. We also make sure that intuition is more than a gut feeling and that we practice true discernment using all the information at our disposal.

As you hone your skill for critical thinking, you’ll be able to:

  • Set goals and make plans without getting sucked into other people’s priorities
  • Implement what works for you instead of losing your focus and chasing shiny objects
  • Create experiments that provide real data to guide your decision-making

2️⃣ Generosity

We share our experiences and expertise whenever we can. We practice abundance by never holding back what we’re learning or how we’ve overcome a challenge. We recognize the value that every member of the group brings and meet them with the value we have to offer.

As you prioritize generosity, you’ll be able to:

  • Go deeper in your relationships with colleagues without feeling scarcity
  • Form closer connections to your customers without letting your boundaries get leaky
  • Commit to showing up more fully without worrying about copycats or haters

3️⃣ Systems Thinking

We recognize that decisions don’t get made in a vacuum. Every plan we make or action we take impacts the whole of the business. We learn to think holistically about how we approach marketing, operations, management and more.

As you incorporate systems thinking into your business, you’ll be able to:

  • Anticipate problems or challenges before they present themselves and have a plan to overcome them
  • Plan and project further ahead so you can stop rushing or acting impulsively
  • Reflect on how every decision you make impacts your business so you can spot exciting opportunities

4️⃣ Transparency

We operate in an environment of trust. We share our processes, workflows, tips, tricks, strategies, automations, job descriptions, and reports. We know these aren’t the things that make a business better—it’s how we use them that matters.

As you operate more transparently, you’ll be able to:

  • Build from what works already instead of reinventing the wheel
  • Create a culture of trust in your own business so you can enjoy deeper relationships with team members, customers, and colleagues
  • Identify the value of what you’re doing and share it with others without second-guessing yourself

5️⃣ Self-Awareness

We each work to become more aware of the ways we’re championing our own success—and the ways we’re holding ourselves back. We look for patterns, biases, assumptions, and old stories that get in our way and work to unlearn them.

As you become more self-aware, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify self-sabotage as it happens so you can change your behavior and keep moving forward
  • Recognize limiting beliefs so you can play bigger
  • Spot opportunities that are tailor-made for your unique strengths and advantages

6️⃣ Openness

We work toward becoming more open to feedback, different perspectives, and new ways of doing things. We practice turning off our knee-jerk reactions and getting truly curious about the opportunities in front of us.

As you become more open, you’ll be able to:

  • Receive feedback with curiosity instead of judgment
  • Ask more important questions about your next steps instead of hiding behind shallow challenges
  • Consider the full range of options instead of only the ones that fit your assumptions or biases

7️⃣ Inclusion

We examine our biases, broaden our networks, and welcome diverse experiences into how we build our businesses. We stretch beyond what feels comfortable and certain and seek out perspectives that are different from our own.

As your work toward greater inclusivity, you’ll be able to:

  • Examine the biases you bring into your marketing, operations, and growth
  • Identify opportunities for you and your business to be of greater service to your community
  • Spot ways you’re closing the door on potential collaborators, clients, or customers

These 7 core competencies will inform the conversations we have about marketing, management, goal-setting, planning, operations, and more.

Each quarter, we’ll pause to reflect on how things have changed in each competency and challenge ourselves to take braver action in each area.



You’re perfect for The Forum if you’re invested in creating significant growth for your business and as a business owner in 2020.

You have a good business already. Your offers sell, your customers are happy, and you’re making things work.

Your business is probably generating between $60,000-$150,000 per year in revenue and you have a goal of doubling your revenue over the next 18-24 months. If your business is generating $150-500k or more and you’re looking for a similar experience, check out our Venture Mastermind & Retreats.

Your goals for 2020 might include finding a larger audience, creating more leverage, solidifying your operations, building more effective procedures, streamlining your processes, making your first hire, or developing a new offer.

Personally, you’re interested in exploring how to be an effective leader for your business and your customers or clients. You want to up your confidence, take charge, and put yourself in the lead in new ways.

  • You value learning from others’ experiences and hard lessons learned
  • You’re eager to contribute your own learning and hard lessons learned with group members
  • You’re an action-taker who can turn ideas into plans
  • You’ll push yourself to share the hard stuff, the stuff that’s not quite a fully formed question, and the stuff that’s exciting-but-terrifying with the group
  • You’re developing a clear vision for your business and you’re willing to figure out the details along the way
  • You’re willing to be open & honest about your experiences as a small business owner so that others can learn from you
  • You’re committed to being an active explorer and you’re willing to take a few risks

⭐️ All Are Welcome

One of our strategic goals as a company and community is to welcome more people from diverse backgrounds into programs like The Forum.

While past participants have been predominantly white women, we’re working hard to create an experience that’s welcoming to every business owner who is a good fit–regardless of race, sexuality, gender, or ability.

Please reach out directly if you have any concerns about whether the group is a good fit for you:


What Works is a platform that connects small business owners for candid conversations about what’s really working to run & grow small businesses today. We produce a weekly podcast that deep dives with entrepreneurs about how their businesses work. We also host a small business owner support network and facilitate peer-to-peer support groups like The Forum.

Tara McMullin (formerly Tara Gentile) is the founder of What Works and the host of the What Works podcast. Over the last decade, she’s helped thousands of small business owners level up, earn more, and make an impact in their communities.

She’s on a mission to bring more transparency, openness, and honesty to building better businesses. Her goal is to level the playing field so that all small business owners have access to conversations that can open the door to new possibilities and growth.

Her work has been featured in Fast Company, Forbes, Inc, DesignSponge, Unemployable, and The Huffington Post. She’s also a bestselling Money & Life instructor on CreativeLive.

There isn’t one part of my business that hasn’t benefitted from being a part of this community.

My mastermind group, Tara, and the whole community have given me a listening ear and a reflection on my work I wouldn’t have gotten somewhere else. There isn’t one part of my business that hasn’t benefitted from being a part of this community.

The peer support I received means so much to me because what I do isn’t commonly known or understood. My mastermind group created a space where I could hone my message, experiment with offers, and claim my voice—with their feedback to guide me.

I’ve connected with people who have invited me to speak, co-facilitate retreats, and collaborate on projects. They’ve helped me raise the level of my business, what I offer, and who I work with.

Working with my mastermind group and with Tara changed my business and my life.

Nicole Lewis-Keeber

Founder, Nicole Lewis-Keeber Coaching

Support and feedback from peers who are “in it” with me has helped me grow on my own terms

Tara McMullin is a not only a strategic thought-leader but a generous connector and sounding board.

Tara’s curated mastermind groups spark nuanced conversations that have steered my business toward focused and intentional growth. We all know there isn’t just one way to do business which is why support and feedback from peers who are “in it” with me has helped me grow on my own terms and in new ways.

Kathleen Shannon

Co-Founder of Braid Creative & Co-Host of Being Boss


We’re building better businesses in 2 working groups of up to 15 business owners each.

Our goal is to have lively conversations both during our live calls and in our offline group.

Everyone who participates in The Forum will have access to our private collaboration space, quarterly planning sessions, and both day-long in-person mastermind sessions.

  • Group 1 will meet on the 1st & 3rd Wednesdays of each month at 3pm Eastern/12pm Pacific.
  • Group 2 will meet on the 1st & 3rd Thursdays of each month at 3pm Eastern/12pm Pacific.

Each session will take place on Zoom and each meeting will be recorded. Please note that breakout room sessions cannot be recorded at this time.

We’ll share specifics about our in-person mastermind sessions, including travel information, how to prepare, and our agenda at least 10 weeks out from the event—but make sure they’re on your calendar now!


The investment for The What Works Forum is a $500 deposit and then 12 monthly payments of $300. If you’d like to maximize your end-of-year expenses or save a little money, you can also make a single payment of $4000. This is an introductory price and we expect the price to go up in subsequent years.

Your investment covers:

  • 24 small group mastermind sessions throughout 2020
  • 4 quarterly all-hands planning sessions
  • Your private Forum collaboration space inside The What Works Network
  • A lifetime complimentary membership at The What Works Network (including our Flash Masterminds, Roundtable Discussions, and Virtual Conferences)
  • 2 optional in-person day-long mastermind sessions (Los Angeles on March 31 and Washington, DC on October 7), including snacks & lunch


We’re gathering the first cohort of The What Works Forum now. To join us, please submit the self-assessment below by clicking the “start” button.

This self-assessment becomes your benchmark. We’ll return to it throughout the year so you can see the progress you’re making toward building a better business.

Tara will get back to you as soon as possible to answer any questions you have and share how The Forum can help you grow in 2020.

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