Our Agreement

The What Works Forum requires our mutual commitment to our structure and goals. Please review our agreement below.

The What Works Forum Commitment

The What Works team agrees to:

✔️We’ll create a safe container for your mastermind group, a private discussion area on our platform, and facilitate your twice monthly meetings.

✔️We’ll show up as an equal seat at the table, ready to share what’s worked for us, what’s gone wrong, and all the lessons we’ve learned along the way.

✔️We’ll ask hard questions, challenge your assumptions, and help you evaluate your next steps.

✔️We’ll connect you with the resources, people, and experiences that will serve you best.

What you agree to as a participant in The Forum:

✔️I will prioritize attending our mastermind meetings.

✔️I will be open to feedback from the mastermind group.

✔️I commit to critical thinking about my next steps, plans, and vision for my company.

✔️I am willing to regularly, generously, and transparently contribute my own experience, expertise, and insight for the benefit of the group.

✔️I will hold group members’ information and experiences in confidence and work to create a safe space for others to share things that might make them feel vulnerable.

✔️I agree to fulfill my financial commitment in a timely manner.

Refund Policy

Your investment in The What Works Forum is nonrefundable. Please plan to show up in a way that ensures you get what you need from this experience. We’ll do the same.

If you have any concerns or questions about the experience as we move forward, please reach out: hello@explorewhatworks.com