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How To Design A Business

In a rut with your business? If you're ready to design what's next—whether that's the next level or your next business—this visual workbook will help you unlock your imagination and discover new possibilities.

You'll design a business that's strong, sustainable, and effective.

Print the PDF and go old school with crayons & marketers or use in your favorite note-taking app on your tablet!

I'm Tara McMullin and I believe building a business is a creative practice.

If I peer into my crystal ball (every good business strategist has one), I can’t see exactly what your business is going to look like next—but I’m quite certain that it runs smoothly, causes fewer headaches, and makes a positive impact on you and your community.

Oh, and it makes good money, too.

Business-building is a creative practice. Building something great requires a fresh perspective and imagination. How To Design A Business offers exactly that.

How To Design A Business

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