EP 355: Cash Flow Is A Feminist Issue

Sep 21, 2021 | Business Models, Growth, Money & Life, Podcast

In This Episode:

  • Tara explains how using a system-thinking approach to money makes it easier to invest in the growth of your business
  • Why cash flow is a 3-dimensional way to think about your business’s money
  • How the different components of a cash flow system work together to create a desired outcome
  • Why managing for cash flow creates the conditions to live out feminist values in your business

It’s easy to think 2-dimensionally about the money in your business: revenue and expenses. But 2-dimensional thinking makes it much harder to find the money to grow. If you can start to think 3-dimensionally (revenue + expenses + time), then you can expand your opportunities.

Managing for cash flow gives you a way to see the interconnected components of money in your business. Plus, it’s a way to powerful financial systems and live out feminist & anti-colonialist values.

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Host of What Works

Tara is a podcaster, small business community leader, strategist, and speaker. She’s been helping small business owners build stronger businesses for over a decade.