Discover What Works For You In 20 Minutes Per Day So You Can…

Simplify, Prioritize, and Thrive

Running a business doesn’t have to feel frantic, overwhelming, or turbulent when you build smart habits.

When There Are A Thousand Things Coming At You At Once…

…running a business can be stressful—chaotic even.

There are all the tasks you should be working on right now and all the projects you wish you had time for.

There’s the FOMO you feel when you see cool new ideas for marketing or management or product development. And there’s the comparison game you play every time you notice a colleague leveling up in a big way.

Every Entrepreneur Wades Through These Frustrations.

But some break out.

Some find a way to simplify, prioritize, and thrive.

Those business owners don’t obsess on all the things that (seem to) demand their attention or the all things they fear they might be missing out on.

The business owners who break out obsess on what works for them.

And to figure out exactly what does work for them, they cultivate a habit of taking time to work on their businesses.

They take time to notice what’s working, analyze why it’s working, and plan for the future.

They take time every day to check in with their progress, their results, and their priorities.

Build Your “Do What Works” Habit In 20 Minutes Or Less

But—let’s face it—it’s easy to fixate on the tasks at hand (ahem, getting your must-do work done) while you lose track of the habits that could make you a more productive business owner and make your business more profitable.

And all the while, the anxiety that you’re missing out on something new, exciting, or game-changing grows and grows.

We’ll help you simplify your business and melt away the anxiety by spending 20 minutes or less on what works for you over the course of 100 days.

Start Your Day With What Works

100 Days of What Works delivers a prompt, experiment, or idea for re-examining your business every week day for 100 days.

Over these 100 days, you’ll develop new CEO habits: reflection, analysis, evaluation, and planning. You’ll incorporate working on your business into your every day routine—and doing it in community with others so you never feel alone.

The goal isn’t to tell you how to run your business but, instead, to uncover the information you’ve missed (or forgotten) as you’ve built it.

You’ll look closely at your business from all different angles—some will be familiar, some will be new, and some might be uncomfortable or challenging. Throughout the process, you’ll receive new ways of seeing at your business and how it works.

Each day’s task can be completed in 20 minutes or less—but can also help you discover profound and long-lasting insights into what works for you and your business. 

  • On Mondays, we’ll tackle marketing & sales.
  • On Tuesdays, we’ll examine business operations.
  • On Wednesdays, we’ll get real about money.
  • On Thursdays, we’ll dig into product & business model development.
  • And on Fridays, we’ll lean into mindset—and give you the weekend to chew it over.

What To Expect From 100 Days Of What Works

Over the course of the program, we’ll tackle 4 habits that all successful business owners use to guide their actions and decision-making. These habits are reflection, analysis, evaluation, and planning. You’ll practice these habits in a variety of ways and through each area of your business.


During the first month of the program, we’ll focus on reflecting on what’s worked for us in the past, what actions or decisions have produced results.

Step back from the day-to-day grind and notice what often goes unnoticed.


During the second month, we’ll focus on analysis––the whys and hows of what’s worked.

Investigate and ask key questions of yourself and your business.


During the third month, we’ll focus on evaluation and start looking ahead.

Take a look at your options for growth and see how they measure up to what you really want from your business.


During the final two weeks of the program, we’ll focus on planning.

Prioritize what’s important moving forward and commit to action.

Develop A Productive Pattern Week By Week

During the course of each month, we’ll put an emphasis on key skills that successful business owners use to make steady progress toward their goals. Those skills are restraint, consistency, patience, and courage.

These skills often push back on our personal temptations and pop culture “wisdom” surrounding entrepreneurship. Instead of moving fast, we’ll deliberately hold back. Instead of chasing every new idea, we’ll pursue dependability. Instead of looking for instant results, we’ll take our time. Instead of hoping for a sure bet, we’ll lean into the unknown.

By the end of 100 Days of What Works, you’ll be able to:

  • Use restraint to stay focused on a few key projects without getting overwhelmed or anxious
  • Stay consistent with your progress so you can get ahead without burning out
  • Practice patience with the steps you’re taking to move your business forward so you don’t rush into making bad decisions
  • Embrace uncertainty by exercising courage so you can take action toward your most meaningful goals

Hone Your Habit Day By Day

Each week, our focus will be on 1 of these skills. We’ll cycle through each month so that as the program moves on, you’ll develop greater ease with each operating in these patterns.

While the focus of each month or week might feel a bit “big picture,” during the week, we’ll refine our focus and look at key areas of your business.

You’ll start to notice how the habits and key skills we’re exploring directly impact the work you do on a regular basis. We’ll explore how to apply these ideas to the way you structure your workflows, the choices you make about how your business runs, and the approach you take toward your strategy moving forward.

And remember, you only need to commit 20 minutes to doing what works.


Click here to view a sample from the program!

Week 1 | Tuesday: Operations

Your business’s operations is simply how the work that needs to get done actually gets done. It’s the systems and processes that make it all happen (documented or not). It’s the people who help you. It’s the hours you work and the containers you put around the work you do.

“Operations” might feel like a big word for a small business. But it’s the single piece of your business you have the most control over because most of your business operations is, well, you!

You know you’re doing what works when it comes to your operations when tasks or projects happen easily, predictably, or sustainably. They might take some work—but that work feels very manageable. You know what it takes to move things forward and you are regularly completing what needs to be done.

Right now, some of your operations might feel easy and predictable. Other parts of your operations might feel sticky or full of friction.

Today, make a note of the parts of your operations—how the work gets done—that feel easy, predictable, or sustainable. Think about the tasks or projects you do on a regular basis. Consider the work you get really excited about. And don’t forget to take any work done by others into account, too!

What You Get When You Join 100 Days Of What Works

100 Days Of What Works is simultaneously delivered to your inbox and in our private space inside The What Works Network.

Each day, around 6am Eastern, you’ll receive the day’s activity. We recommend starting your day with the task!

In addition to each day’s activity delivered straight to your inbox, you’ll also get:

  • Access to our private, dedicated online space so you can meet other business owners digging into building better habits
  • A structured email each weekday guiding you through the program with the opportunity to share your work at The What Works Network
  • 4 Q&A sessions with What Works founder Tara McMullin
  • Plus, all your usual What Works membership benefits!


You’re A Perfect Fit For 100 Days Of What Works If…

100 Days Of What Works was designed for the experienced business owner. You’ve been running your business for at least a year and you’ve experienced both some ups and some downs of being your own boss.

Things have leveled out (or they’re starting to feel that way) and you’re ready to commit to giving time and attention to how the business works—and, most importantly, what works for you and your unique business.

🥇You might be an over-achiever who is regularly bumping up against burn out and wants a path for more sustainable progress toward your goals.

🧜🏽‍♀️You might be a rebel who is craving a bit of structure so you can feel free to play while also feeling confident you’re getting closer to your goals.

🗓You might be a classic multi-tasker who wants some relief from feeling pulled in a million different directions.

🧠Or, you might be a diligent deliberator who wants to focus more on taking concrete action instead of wondering what the right next step is.

You’ll get the most from this program if:

  • You are willing to commit to giving it some time—just 20 minutes per day—and attention every day
  • But you won’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t stay perfectly up to date with each activity
  • You love to learn with others and want to be part of a bigger conversation about what’s really working (and what’s just hype)
  • You’re willing to work the process and don’t demand immediate results or overnight success (’cause nobody can guarantee those things)
  • You’re committed to working on yourself in other ways too (because doing what works is a whole life experience)

Simplify, Prioritize, and Thrive

Join 100 Days of What Works for just $299. Since you’re already a member of The What Works Network, you can access this program for just $99.99!

(I know, I wish I could just say 100 bucks–it’s Apple’s rule, not mine!)


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Frequently Asked Questions

Does this program work if I’m just getting started with my business?

No. This program assumes you have experience as a business owner to look back on, analyze, and plan from. 

If you’re just starting out, we encourage you to focus on finding 1 offer that sells consistently and spend the next 6 months just learning the ropes of how it works for you. Once you’ve done that, then 100 Days of What Works can help you build on your initial success.

Can I access all of the activities at once?

No. This program is designed to help you build a habit without overwhelming you. You wouldn’t decide to run a marathon and then try for 26.2 miles the next day, would you? I hope not.

The key to real progress is to complete these activities little by little.

Can I receive each day’s email in my own time zone?

This is the first time we’re offering this program and we’re not able to provide local time zone support for email this time through.

However,  each day’s activities will update in the late afternoon inside The What Works Network. So if you’re outside of North America, you will still be able to access the work in the morning. All you’ll need to do is visit the site!

How do I apply what I’m learning about myself and my business to my daily actions?

That’s exactly what our support network is for! You’ll have the opportunity to share your work every day and talk with others who are discovering what works for them. These conversations are the perfect place to flesh out how you’ll incorporate what you’re learning into your daily actions.

Plus, you can use our Q&A sessions to get ideas for further applying your discoveries.

Finally, be patient. Each week, you’ll add a new layer to your learning and discover new ways to apply your findings.

Do I really have time for this?

It’s 20 minutes per day. Seriously. 

Certainly, you can spend more time than that sharing your work, talking things out with other experienced business owners, and applying what you’ve discovered. 

But that’s time you’ll save in the long run since you’ll be avoiding all the lost time that comes from second-guessing yourself and chasing strategy that isn’t your own.

You don’t have time to not focus on what works.

What if I get behind?

If you get a few days behind (or you take a week off for vacation), don’t sweat it! Pick it back up with the next activity you receive. Don’t try to make up for lost work–that just makes it worse!

Remember that each of the activities are there for you when you’re ready.

What’s your refund policy?

We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee because it’s the right thing to do. And, we also know that it’s easy to let yourself off the hook when you commit to a new daily habit.

So before you ask for a refund, check-in with yourself and make sure that you truly don’t believe the program is right for you–and not that you’ve gotten behind or you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Do I need to join a Facebook group?

Nope! The What Works Network is a private, dedicated space online. We don’t want to be on Facebook any more than you do.

Commit The Next 100 Days to What Works

Lock in your members-only price of $99.99 today!