Focus on what works for 100 days.

100 Days Of What Works guides you through creating a habit of noticing, analyzing, and prioritizing what works for your small business.

Each week day, you’ll get an assignment that takes 20 minutes or less to complete. You’ll incorporate working on your business into your every day routine—and you’ll do it in community of other savvy small business owners so you never feel alone.

100 days later, you’ll have a productive & profitable new habit–plus, a set of new support network and the confidence you need to lead your business toward your goals.

Tara McMullin

Tara McMullin

Founder & Host of What Works

About What Works

What Works is a platform that connects small business owners for candid conversations about what’s really working to run & grow a small business today.

Our goal is to transcend the hype about making money online and help small business owners identify what really works for them.

What will you learn?

The most important thing you’ll learn in 100 Days Of Works is the value of paying attention to your own systems, results, and habits.

But there’s more. You’ll also build new habits, connect with other entrepreneurs, and explore new ways of looking at your business.